As we approach the twenty-first century, entrepreneurship is playing on new turf, redefining itself, tearing down old boundaries, and drawing new guidelines. The business climate today is as exciting as it is challenging.

     We have 18 years of Hotel, Motel Management, Financing, Construction and Brokerage experience, and 13 years of Healthcare Financial Management experience. The MRPC staff works with you individually, drawing upon your telnets, enthusiasm, and drive. Our work ethic is high and our fees are low. Whether your goal is financing, a large market share, or ventures into new markets, we can help you on the progressive path to success.

Business Funding
     When it comes to business financing, MRPC is adept at assisting you throughout the lending process. We are not a lender, but rather, experts at securing the best possible funding sources for your business needs.

Development Planning
     MRPC develops a through and comprehensive financial package representing your business. We then utilize our expansive network of local and regional banks; government guaranteed programs, non-bank lenders, government lenders, and private sources to seek your desired funding.

     We produce financing proposals from projects of any size and amount. Some from as much as $250,000 to $25,000,000. Our clients are understandably enthusiastic about our success rate.

     Do you want to know if you qualify for a government guaranteed loan? Does your business need funding for hotel, Motel, Restaurant, Real Estate, Expansion, Equity Placement? You can with our help! Give us a call for application form today and see how easy and hassle free it can really be!


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